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Great Interest for the new format of grapes without seed ready for eating that "El Ciruelo" will introduce at FruitLogistica 2013




El Ciruelo has confirmed the attendance to the next edition of FRUIT LOGÍSTICA 2013, the International Horticultural Fair to be held from 6th - 8th of February in Berlin, where specialized companies from the field coming from five continents will launch their innovations. El Ciruelo will be at the Hall 18/A-10D, represented by the General Manager Don Francisco Velasco together with his sales team composed by Rupert F. Maude and Cristina Gutiérrez.


El Ciruelo is nowadays an international reference for stone fruit and table grape, with a production volume ranging from 20.000 and 25.000 tons respectively. El Ciruelo has more than 1.200 ha. of own production and 1.500 ha. managed by integrated producers. Nowadays, El Ciruelo can be considered as one of the major producers in Europe in these types of fruits with a quality that allows them to be on the markets from June until December.


During this edition of the Fruit Logística 2013, El Ciruelo will introduce the new varieties of seedless grape already available for this campaign. These varieties will lengthen the availability of red seedless grapes until the end of November (varieties allison, scarlotta, magenta and timpco).

Regarding the white varieties (itum), they will be available until the end of October.


A new brand name FrutExpress will be introduced by the Company of Murcia. A new line of products (IV Gama) has been developed, where the grape containing no additives has been washed and packed ready for eating.


Cristina Gutiérrez says: " It is a question of selecting the best seedless grapes, white and red, in a new commercial format that guarantees the best quality, a better consumption and distribution during 12 months of the year ".

For this Product line, El Ciruelo has patented a system of packaging, thermo sealing in a protective atmosphere, which provides with a longer life to the product.

Two formats are available for the peeled table grape: 250 gr. and double 120 gr. packaging .


This new format of seedless grape was present last December in the city of Salamanca during the popular University New Year's Eve with a great repercussion in the different national mass media as RTVE.


Once the interest of the consumer has been confirmed, El Ciruelo through a strategy of continuous innovation and growth, has already agreed suitable meetings with customers and distributors who already have showed interest for this new product.

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