Grupo El Ciruelo is committed to a sustainable development, which guarantees a fair balance at a social level and has a limited impact on the environment. These are some of the plans we are busy with:  

  1. Water plan: We install automated irrigation and fertigation systems to guarantee the sustainable management and optimization of water in our crops. We also have rainwater harvesting systems to reduce flooding and erosion and can be used for non-potable purposes.
  2. Ground plan: We carry out nutritional monitoring and control, with which we manage to avoid the contamination of aquifers and damage the soil structure. We also make vegetable and polypropylene ground covers to prevent evaporation and erosion of the soils. In this way, we have managed to save in the cost of fertilizers by 40%.
  3. Biodiversity plan: We participate in projects such as “Pollinator Operation”, “LivinGro” or “Baydiversity”. We are currently the only company in Europe that has implemented the LivinGro project with plums.
  4. Crop protection plan: We managed to achieve a substantial reduction in chemical applications through the use of beneficial insects, which in turn is reflected in a reduction in waste. We work hand in hand with Bayer CropScience in initiatives such as the Food Chain Partnership.
  5. Energy plan: We invested in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in both production centers and in our irrigation heads in the field and we use 100% LED technology.
  6. P3R’s Plan:
    a. REDUCE: In recent years we have managed to reduce agricultural plastic by 20% and the use of plastic punnets by 30%. Also, thanks to our digitalization plan, we have managed to reduce the use of paper in the company.
    b. RE-USE: We reuse 100% of our agricultural plastic, we also use reusable plastic boxes that replace the cardboard ones.
    c. RECYCLE: 95% of our PET plastic punnets are made from recycled R-PET. We have introduced cardboard bags and baskets to replace the plastic punnets.