In 2019, Grupo El Ciruelo acquired the production company Labrunier from Grupo JD, as well as the marketer Bravis and its subsidiaries in Brazil and the Netherlands. Labrunier is currently one of the leading companies in grape production in the Brazilian market, the largest in Latin America (with more than 200 million potential consumers), and has more than 3,000 workers and 2,400 hectares owned in the states. of Bahia and Pernambuco, in the northeast of the country.

The choice of Brazil is strategic from the point of view of agricultural production, to the extent that the climatic conditions of the San Francisco River Valley make it one of the few areas in the world that make it possible to obtain two grape harvests a year. Such a circumstance will allow extending the periods, in which the El Ciruelo Group will be able to offer its own grapes that it will complement with other countries and thus, it will be able to offer a guaranteed supply to its clients every month.

In this sense, Brazil stands out for being the country in the southern hemisphere with the shortest travel times for grapes exported to the European continent: one week less than shipments made from South Africa and about two less than those originating from Chile and Peru.

With this incorporation Grupo El Ciruelo would have the largest extension in the world dedicated exclusively to the development of new grape varieties. Our goal is to continue transmitting the values ​​of long-term family and business commitment and become a benchmark group in the sector worldwide.