Christmas is coming and with it comes the preparations, meals, outfits, celebrations, family reunions, friends and even not-so-friends.

Therefore, we are always looking to look our best, both inside and out. We’re always looking for the best products to make sure everything is perfect. Including our skin.

When it comes to skin, it is always important to take care of it the entire year: protecting it from the sun, avoiding smoking because it is a factor that contributes to premature wrinkles and ageing, following a skincare or facial care appropriate to your skin type and age, having a healthy and balanced diet, but also controlling the stress that we face daily.

If this Christmas, as well as being active and healthy, you also want the perfect skin, you better start eating grapes for dessert. Grapes have anti-wrinkle properties on the skin, thanks to the fact that they contain polyphenols, preventing elastin and collagen fibres from degrading, thus helping to preserve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. 

You can also use grapes to make different homemade masks and use the seeds to exfoliate your skin.

Did you know that black grapes help to prevent premature ageing? This is due to its high concentration of antioxidants. 

Another way to consume grapes is by drinking black grape juice with the skin, pulp and seeds, which helps the circulatory system and makes our skin become more beautiful.

Grape seeds are very rich in essential fatty acids with softening and moisturising properties, so if you used to set them aside when consuming grapes, then try to consume them. But be careful about choking on them!

These Christmases for dessert: GRAPES!!! Don’t forget it, it will help you to have a more nourished skin.


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