Why are grapes and cheese such a great match?

Well, grapes and cheese are one of those things that initially don’t seem like they could go well together, instead their fusion gives the perfect sweet and salty combination and also intensifies their flavours. In this way, grapes decorate lots of wonderful cheese platters as quick and easy snacks to surprise your guests.

Having delicious grapes at Grupo El Ciruelo, the sweetness of the grapes made them a nice sweet and salty snack with blue cheese. The result is some mouth-watering toasts to the pleasure of all who tried them.

If you don’t like blue cheese, there are many different types of cheese, as well as hard or semi-hard cheese, from sheep ‘s, cow’s or goat’s milk, with or without rind, which can also be adapted to this recipe. 

  • Brie cheese. For those who like soft cheeses, then Brie cheese is your best choice. 
  • Camembert cheese. It is quite soft the more mature and aged it is, which makes it a solid choice for soft cheese lovers.
  • Gouda cheese. It is possible for some people to detect some caramel flavour, depending on its age or if it is smoked.
  • Manchego cheese. Manchego is one of the types of cheese that is standarized by a Denomination of Origin. It is made from sheep’s milk cheese and represents one of the most typical Spanish products.
  • Lactose-free or vegan cheese. Here is also a good option for all those who love cheese, but without lactose or from animals.

Once you have learned about cheeses, all you have to do is choose your cheese, go for it and prepare this top-notch recipe for your friends and relatives.


  • Bread: 20 baguette slices (or 20 slices from your favourite bread).
  • El Ciruelo grapes: 250 grams
  • Blue cheese: 150 grams
  • Honey: 4 tbsp


1st. Cut the bread into slices and roast in the oven at 180º for about 3 minutes until browned.

2nd. Crumble the cheese over the slices and place back in the oven for another 3 minutes until the cheese is slightly melted.

3rd. Place the seedless El Ciruelo grapes cut in halves on the toasts.

4th. Drizzle with honey.


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