It is no secret that fruit is very nutritious and healthy, everyone knows that we should eat five portions of fruit a day, but how many people actually achieve it?

The following tips will help you boost your daily fruit intake.

-Diversity is everything: If you’re bored by eating the same thing over and over again, go out and buy a range of seasonal fruits. Every fruit has a different colour, texture and flavour, and each one is rich in different nutrients. Eat at least three different types of fruit every day.

-Put it in a place where you frequently see it: on your way to the kitchen, next to the computer or wherever you sit down to watch TV. So when you feel like a snack, the first thing that comes to mind will be the tasty fruit.

-At the office: forget about the snack machine and bring fruit from home. Bringing fruit to the office improves the working environment as well as the health and performance of the staff.

-Go easy: If you like fruit but do not eat it because you are too lazy, choose easy-to-eat fruit such as nectarines, platerines or seedless grapes. Alternatively, you can also leave some cut fruit to eat at any time.

-With cereals: Breakfast is an excellent time to eat your first piece of fruit. If you don’t feel like eating the fruit on its own, chop it into small pieces and then eat it with your cereals.

-In your salad: peaches, nectarines, grapes… They are ideal sweet additions to a salad. If you are used to eating salad every day, spice it up with a bit of fruit.

-Drinks: Instead of soft drinks, try fruit juices, milkshakes or slushies. They are much healthier and tastier.

-Jams: If you have any surplus fruit, try making homemade jam, which is tastier and healthier.

-Adopt a routine: Try to get used to eating fruit while you are doing something specific, for example, picking up your children from school, waiting for the metro or leaving the gym.

-Always with you: carry it with you in your bag or backpack, so when you get hungry you won’t go to the first corner kiosk asking for a chocolate or some biscuits.


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