There are several special traditions that welcome the New Year in a good way. Most of us establish new goals while others hope their wishes will come true during the coming year. 

One of the most popular traditions to bring good luck is the famous custom from China and Vietnam which involves wearing red or yellow underwear to attract good energy. Even wearing money in your shoe or washing your hands with cava and sugar has been considered a money-making tradition in some countries. 

Also, we find that Danish people break plates or Italians eat lentils, among the curious traditions of each country. 

While there are many traditions and customs associated with the end of the year, our favourite is definitely starting the year by eating 12 grapes following the strokes of the bells, a tradition created in Spain. 

As the tradition goes, each grape symbolises a wish made for each of the months of the coming year, and also celebrates the end of the year with 12 strokes of the clock at the Real Casa de Correos in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. 

Not planning on eating grapes at New Year’s Eve? Then get ready to start this tradition. In order to encourage you, we give you 12 reasons why you shouldn’t miss them.


STROKE No. 1: they prevent us from chronic diseases.

STROKE No. 2: they give us a lot of fiber.

STROKE No. 3: they provide us with calcium, magnesium and potassium.

STROKE No. 4: they make us obtain energy.

STROKE No. 5: they are good for hypertension.

STROKE No. 6: they make our skin look perfect.

STROKE No. 7: they’re an extra dose of vitamins.

STROKE No. 8: they provide us antioxidants.

STROKE No. 9: fruits play an essential element in a balanced diet.

STROKE No. 10: they hydrate us.

STROKE No. 11: they support our circulatory system.



I advise you all to include in all your new resolutions this year to also increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables as well as to consider their importance in your diet. We are what we eat and food plays an important role by preventing illnesses.

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