As every year, Grupo El Ciruelo has released this month, its Christmas contest “One thousand reasons to smile” which is exclusively for its workers. 

Our goal at El Ciruelo has been to put the focus on workers’ families, especially the youngest ones, which is why we reconsidered our objective and we came up wih a new idea. The aim was to create children’s Christmas cards that would be used as the company’s Christmas image. Participating is anonymous towards the jury, so any child, grandchild, sibling or nephew or niece may win, it’s all about creativity!

Nowadays, the bunch of grapes is still being represented by the twelve winners, following the year-end tradition. Each winner stands for a wish for each month of the year.

A contest full of hope 

As every year, El Ciruelo joins in the excitement of being the company’s Christmas image, encouraging more and more children to take part. In total, there are twelve prizes given in recognition of the children’s implication so that they become the Christmas centre of attention.

This year, the two main winners are: María Cleofe Muñoz Rodríguez’s 2-year-old grandson with the hand-printed reindeers, which will become the 2023 El Ciruelo Christmas image, and Mirella Passarella’s 7-year-old granddaughter with her Christmas still life.

Here you have the reimagining winners of the competition:

The remaining winners of the competition are: 

– Luis Ronaldo Barcia’s nine-year-old son.

– Andrea Marisol T.’ s son, 6 years old.

– Mouloudi Errahali’s son aged 12.

– Antonio Martínez’s niece, who is 8 years old.

– Bernardo Marin’s son, 11 years old.

– Carly Rossannah Harris’ son, aged 2.

– Francisca Fernández’s grandson, 3 years old.

– Pedro Ros’s son, who is 7 years old.

– Francisco José Herrera’s 9 month old daughter.

– Pedro López’s son, 3 years old.

El Ciruelo would like to sincerely thank its workers for their strong commitment and support during this year and for the outstanding work they have done.

Thank you very much!

Visit us at @elciruelofruits on Instagram to see the winning cards.