1000 SMILES.

The “1000 Smiles Project” is an initiative that we have taken since 2012 for all the employees of Grupo El Ciruelo. The goal is to reaffirm the importance of each of our workers and their families.

We held a Christmas card-themed contest for the smallest of our homes where the best cards are placed as the corporate image of the Group in Christmas. The prizes for the contest are also dedicated to the families, and especially to the children, since we make an agreement with toy stores where the winners can redeem their prizes. 


We are ambassadors for Auara, we consume this water and give visibility to the brand. This social enterprise is dedicated to financing projects with access to drinking water, its goal is to bring drinking water to more than 200,000 people in the next 5 years.


Since 2014, we have software to annually calculate the water and carbon footprint, and improvement plans are established. For upcoming projects we are including the calculation of the nitrate footprint and carbon offsetting in our packhouses and farms.


In our delegation in Brazil, being located in a country with low levels of education, we seek to encourage and support the school attendance of the children of employees, from 5 to 16 years old, through the annual donation of school materials, as well as the follow-up of school enrollment. We also promote prenatal care for all employees, with laboratory tests and periodic medical follow-up.


This project has been implemented since 2017, in partnership with the executive secretariat for the resocialization of persons deprived of liberty, serving sentences, to encourage their reintegration into social life through work. We are the only grape producer in Brazil with this project. Through this initiative, the “Resgata” seal was conceived, which certifies the company’s commitment to social responsibility, granted by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.

WE FEED THE CHANGE: We promote a healthy lifestyle.