A very quick and easy recipe to do, using a delicious seasonal fruit that goes very well with the dish itself. We always recommend using a nice wine to stew with: fine wine will make a fine stew.

Ingredients (4 dinner guests):

  •         El Ciruelo’s Grapes: 250 grams
  •         Garlic Cloves: 3
  •         Scallions: 3
  •         Thyme
  •         Rosemary
  •         Pork tenderloin: 800 grams
  •         Red wine: 200 grams
  •         Chicken broth: 100 grams
  •         Allspice: ½ teaspoon
  •         Freshly ground black pepper
  •         Nutmeg: ¼ tsp
  •         Salt
  •         Extra virgin olive oil
  •         Sugar: 1 tbsp


Heat a large saucepan (large enough to hold the whole tenderloin) with a generous stream of extra virgin olive oil.

Hit the garlic to break it up a little and peel the scallions; if they are very large, you can cut them in halves. Cook them in the hot oil so that they gradually release their flavour.

Combine the carefully washed and dried El Ciruelo grapes in the saucepan, with salt, thyme and rosemary and sauté for about three minutes over a medium-high heat. Add the pork tenderloin, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste to brown it all around, turn it over and continue stirring the grapes, garlic and scallions.

Remove the tenderloin when browned as well as the grapes. Leave the garlic and spring onions in the saucepan but reduce the heat and add the wine, the stock, a sprig of rosemary, the allspice, the nutmeg and salt. Leave to simmer for a few minutes, stirring regularly, until the sauce is reduced by a third.

Now add the tenderloin so that it finishes cooking it with the wine. According to how thick it is and how pink it is, it will need more or less time. Therefore, control the temperature so that the wine gradually reduces as the tenderloin is cooked. Before you remove from the heat, also add the grapes and sugar to caramelise the wine sauce. 

Finally, slice the pork tenderloin and serve alongside the grapes. Then finish by spreading the wine sauce remaining in the saucepan.

Bon appétit!

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